Not every appliance in your home is critical. We know a broken dishwasher is inconvenient, but you can always hand-wash. Your refrigerator, on the other hand? Kind of a big deal if it stops working and your food is gradually warming up.

For most of us, the fridge is an appliance that gets plugged in and just works for years. If you want to keep it that way, keep reading to learn a few fridge hacks:

  • You’ll probably open the door to your refrigerator several times daily, and some degree of wear is to be expected. From time to time, make sure to apply food grade lubricant to the top and bottom hinges, and check them both for wear.
  • Periodically, check the interior shelving in the refrigerator. First, make sure that shelving, drawer slides and crisper drawers are all intact and not cracked or damaged. If you spot defects or cracks, make sure to replace them fast.
  • The refrigerator gasket is the strip creating a seal between the refrigerator cabinet and door. To test its functionality, place a dollar bill between the gasket and the door, then close the door. If the gasket is completely intact, there should be some tension when you pull out the bill. Make sure to test it in multiple spots.

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